The ilovesocks.gr website is an online shop selling only socks. An idea, comment, suggestion, graphical display, label, trademark, design or advertisement provided in ilovesocks.gr page, printed or stored by you, may only be used for personal non commercial use and remains its intellectual property.


To make purchases from our online store you should be an adult. For any transaction process from the online store ilovesocks.gr you need to provide us with personal data, which serve the smooth execution of your transaction. These are: Name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. The personal data you put at our disposal, are destroyed immediately after the execution and delivery of your order, unless you register in our online shop .In this case any information you hand over, reaches us fully encrypted and is stored securely. In no case ilovesocks.gr discloses or publish your personal data and information that you have provided. You can also register as a member of ilovesocks.gr, giving you the opportunity to purchase the product immediately with the current offer.


The products can be delivered to any place inside the Greek Territory and to the address you have declared. The product delivery is made by courier company (courier Geniki Tahidromiki) daily except Saturday, Sunday and public holidays. The delivery time is from two to seven working days for all the Greek Territory and to 20 days for Cyprus.The customer bears the cost of transport which is 3.99 € regardless of size and weight for the Greek Territory, except the service “Cash” which costs 4,99 € regardless of size and weight, while the delivery in Cyprus costs 14,99 € for up to 2 kgr and 4,99 € for each additional kgr. The shipment of an order over 39 € is free of charge within Greece. The ilovesocks.gr is not responsible for delays in the delivery of products that are not due to its own fault such as strikes, bad weather etc. If ilovesocks.gr is aware of the delay it will inform the customer by the e-mail they have declared.


The ilovesocks.gr offers the following payment methods:
a) Use of a credit or debit card. The card will be charged the first day of shipment of the order.
b) Cash on Delivery
c) By bank deposit in an account Varachidou Evridiki ,which is indicated during the course of the order. The order will be executed as long as the amount appears in the bank account .The deposit must be made within two (2) working days from the date of checkout of the order. If the deposit of money is not made within two (2) working days, we reserve the right to cancel the contract.
e) Receipt from the store. The products must be received at least the next working day and no longer than 5 days from the checkout of the order and only from our main store which is located at Ermou 73, Zip Code 54631, Thessaloniki, tel: 2310 271591. After 5 days we reserve the right to cancel the contract unless there is further information from the customer.
Bank remittance costs borne solely by the customer.
You can also choose whether the payment is made by issuing a simple retail receipt or an invoice.
All prices listed in ilovesocks.gr include the related VAT (24%).


EUROBANK has taken over the settlement procedure , ensuring your safety by using SSL protocol (Secure Sockets Layer) for online commercial transactions. Therefore your personal info is encrypted and used only for the transaction you wish to complete.


You can cancel your order at any stage , ask for replacement or return the product without informing us of the reason. This should be done within ten (10) days of receipt. In case of replacement or return the customer bears the cost , besides the cost of the new shipment , unless the return reason is our liability . In case you want a money refund, this will appear within ten (10) days from the day we receive the products in your bank account ,that you have provided us. The cancellation or return notice of the order should be sent to ilovesocks.gr together with the ordering code, the personal information you have provided and a contact number. We accept the return of products that are in the same condition as received, without the packages being opened or damaged ,including the notice of payment. (Receipt or purchase invoice).

Special conditions -Refunds restriction:
a) It is necessary to send e-mail to ilovesocks.gr with the ordering code, the personal information you have provided and a contact number. You do not have to inform us why you want to replace or return the products.
b) The products must be in their original packaging as received without being opened or damaged.
c) You are responsible for the return of products by courier or by Greek Post at your cost unless the return reason is our liability. The ilovesocks.gr is not responsible for any loss of the parcel during replacement-return and you can not receive a refund from us.
d) The purchase has been made inside the Greek Territory or Cyprus.
e) All products must be returned to our head office located in Ermou 73, Zip Code 54631, Thessaloniki, tel. 2310 271591, on behalf of Varachidoun Evridiki
f) If ilovesocks.gr notices that someone makes abusive and repeated exercise of this option, reserves the right to deny future orders from them.


The online ilovesocks.gr site reserves the right to update and modify the terms and conditions .All the above terms and conditions will be governed by Greek law and the Greek Court will have jurisdiction to settle any pisputes which may arise out of them.


The security of your personal information is our main priority. You can read more about our Privacy Policy here.


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